20 Years.

Twenty years ago today my dad died of complications related to juvenile diabetes. I’ve been wondering for a long time what this day would feel like. It didn’t make me terribly sad – just reflective. I was very little when he died and I have very few memories of him when he was alive. I do remember the last time he said goodbye to me (he kissed my forehead) and I remember the days after his death vividly. From everything I’ve heard my dad was an amazing man. He wasn’t expected to live through childhood. No one expected he would go to college, get married, start a very successful company or have children, but he did. I wish I knew more about him, but it is a topic my family never talks about. Loosing a parent is a very strange thing. It still hurts sometimes, but not in the way that it did when I was a kid. I can remember years of physical pain from the loss when I was little. I use to weep at night and my chest would ache. It is the single event that has had the most effect on my life to date. Loosing my dad changed me, but in some ways I know I’m changed for the better. Love the people who are around you. Take nothing for granted. Be kind and gentle, you never know who might still be watching over you.

PS My aunty Olive died today.:(My poor grandmother is heartbroken. Aunty Olive was very sick.

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