Mary Sledd – Austin Wedding Photographer :: FAQ

What is your style?

My style is my own. Take a look at my website and judge for yourself. I shoot constantly so if you like what you see I’m Purchase a good choice for you.

Do we get a high resolution DVD?

Yes! I deliver Order an edited high resolution DVD with every wedding. All of the images on the DVD have been carefully cropped, color corrected and are ready print. Photos on the DVD can be printed at the lab of your choice.


How soon will our photos be done?

About 4-8 weeks. It usually takes me 3 weeks to edit all of the wedding photos and upload the images to my proofing site and then another couple of weeks for the proof book to be printed.  Need your photos sooner? Rush orders are available.

Purchase What do proof books look like?

A proof book is included with every wedding I photograph. My proof books are 11″x13″ hard bound coffee table style books. You can see a sample here. Every photo taken at the wedding and the file number are conviently organized chronologically making ordering prints much easier.

Can photos be purchased online? Yes! For every wedding I photograph I select 200-400 photos to put on proofing site. Those images can be downloaded (free), emailed (free) and printed (starting at 21 cents). Pills

Wedding albums?

Custom designed flush mount or matted albums start at $750 for 20 sides (10 pages). Additional album copies can be purchased for $500.

Color or Black and White?

Most of the images I deliver are in color. Most photo labs can make a great black and white print from a color file, but they cannot make a color print from a black and white file.

Do you do special effects processing or use Photoshop actions?

online I don’t use “special” post processing effects, however I do enhance and color correct every image manually.  For me, Photoshop actions are the Glamour Shots of the Oughties. They look cool at the time and seem like a great idea, but looking back they are… you can fill in the blank.

How long will formals take?

Depends on how many formals you want. Usually formals take between 30-45 minutes. Doing all of the formals before or after the ceremony speeds things up considerably. Otherwise time is wasted setting up the lights and rounding people up twice instead of once.

What is your photography history?

My career started in 1996 (10th grade) at the Austin Chronicle. The paper hired me to photograph rock bands. Since then I’ve worked for many local, national and international publications. I’ve also done commercial work for many local companies. I started photographing weddings in 2004. I’ve learned so much in the last 5 years and look forward to many more happy years photographing weddings.

Why did you become a wedding photographer?

Lots of people become wedding photographers because they love photography (or need money). I’m a wedding photographer because I love weddings! Wedding are an amazing right or passage and I’m honored to get to play (at least a small part) in such an important day of peoples lives. How do you conduct yourself at weddings? What is your approach?

I try and be as unobtrusive as possible at weddings. I keep my interaction with the bride and groom to a minimum. The only time I usually give directions is during the formals.

How many weddings do you shoot a day?

Wedding photography is hard work! I photograph only 1 wedding per day.

Do you have a studio? Are you full time photographer?

Yes. I have a studio in South Austin and I work as a photographer full time. Stop by and say hi sometime!

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. I take American Express, Visa and Mastercard. However, deposits must be paid with cash or check.

Camera gear?

I use top of the line Canon gear. Here is a link to the gear I’m using now. I’m a firm believer that having the right tools for the trade help create better images.

Best time for a wedding?

It is a good idea to start your ceremony at least 1 hour before sunset. A sunset calculator can be found here.

RAW or JPEG? How many megapixels?

RAW. I shoot every wedding in RAW. Any photographer who tells you they can get the highest quality photos possible with JPEG is fibbing. More info about the RAW vs JPEG debate here.  The cameras I use produce files that are between 10-21 megapixels.

Do you travel?

I am not a destination photographer. If your wedding is more than 3 hours from my house I’m kako radi tadalafil probobly not interested.

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