Event :: Office Space Reunion


Remember Office Space? Mike Judges movie from 10 years ago. It was  just “re-realeased” on Bluray for the 10th Anniversary. To celebrate the Alamo hosted a showing at the Paramount. Many of the stars were present including…

Mike Judge (Director, Stan–Chotchkie’s manager)
Stephen Root (Milton)
Gary Cole (Bill Lumbergh)
John C. McGinley (Bob Slydell)

David Herman (Michael Bolten)

Ajay Naidu (Samir Nagheenanajar)

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Paul Willson (Bob Porter)
Todd Duffey (Brian, Chotchskie’s waiter with the most flair!)

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The after party (with Karioke) was at the Alagator Grill – where scenes of the movie were filmed. Overall the event was really fun. It has been ages since I’ve seen Office Space and it was fun to see it on the big screen. I’m a huge Mike Judge fan so it was great to listen to him during the QandA. My only complaint was that John McGinley was a jerk. Which is a huge disappointment because I think he is pretty funny in Scrubs Buy . I’m NOT a papparizzi, and I was being really nice so he had no reason to be so lame! The only photo that was officially requested at the after party was one of the cast in front of the Aligator Grill sign. I asked McGinley (very nicely – twice) to take a small step back so two other co-stars would be in the frame. He wasn’t listening, so I gently put my hand on his shoulder and asked him again. His responce was to say “DON’T TOUCH ME” and storm out of the photo. Lame. I have a very low tollerence for such Hollywood nonsence.  I’m glad I’m not in the news business anymore. For the record I’d take brides over movie stars ANY DAY!










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