Suite D – Day 14

Ok. I’ve been a bad blogger. So much has happened in the new studio in the last two weeks. My back is not happy that I decided to work on most of these projects. I like doing things and stuff, but ouch. I’m not 24 anymore.

Day 1 – 3 – Scrub walls + floors! The studio was the former home of the veggie burger kitchen for PT@rries. The walls + floors were yucky!  I had to use a grease cutting agent so the primer would stick.

Day 3 – Remove base boards + repair damaged spots in wall

Day 4 – Tape and Prime. Taping took much longer than I thought it would. The high ceiling required lots of ladder maneuvering.

Day 5+6 – Paint. Twice. Painting is fun for the first 5 minutes and the next two hours are no fun.

Day 7 – 9 – Install bamboo Floors. Just FYI 1100 sqft is a lot of floor to install! A HUGE thank you to my lovely, talented, good natured photo assistant Eric K who helped me with the last 500ft.

Day 8-13 – Build storage room. (I didn’t work on this part at all. I heart our contractor. If you have a project that needs demolition or building you need this guys number)

Day 8-9 – Install bathroom Tile – For some reason the tiles in the old studio went down better. So if you are ever in the WC of the new studio please avert your eyes from the floor.
Day 9 – Heat installed. OMG it was sooo cold before we put in the FIREPLACE.

Day 10 – Install baseboards and Caulk – Thank you Jason E for helping out with this! You are my hero!

Day 13 – Install faux wood blinds.

Day 14 – Paint new closet. Clean floors. Attend UT Surplus action and buy some tables!

Here is a sneak peak at the desks we may use… I also purchased some AMAZING 1940′s ones, but I”m not sure they will work with the decor. These 4 desks at 8ftx2.5ft were a STEAL for $2.50/each. I heart surplus actions!!!0110tu31815_2

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