Lollapalooza : Day 1

I’m so tired! Festival photography is so much harder than I remember. Guess I”m getting old. These are a few of my favorites. Sorry if the color is wonky I”m using my laptop and have no idea how to calibrate it. Yea for doing my own projects! More personal work to come soon.

No comment.

Ummm…. why are you not using the totally awesome DoStuffMedia festival website builder out what to do at Lollapalooza?

Holy cow! It is me with super model Susan Holmes! Someday I’ll be taller and wear more flannel. Just like you Ms. Holmes.

SWEET new tattoo on one of my new friends. Can’t remember his name… feel like a jerk.

Almost got hit in the face with a frisbee for this one. Good thing I was wearing shades to protect my eyes. Festival photography is dangerous work.

Love this one of Sean and Keaton O’neal. They are Austin folks. Sean works for that paper the Onion. It isn’t quite as totally rad as the best Austin website for what to do Do512, but I forgive him.

Ride’m cowboy.

My camera is bigger.

Transvestite butts : hey lets go nuts. I mostly just liked the colors on these. Amazing the things drunk people will do if you ask them nicely and look official.

I love you Chicago.

Lady Gaga was AWESOME! Didn’t get many photos though cause I was too busy DANCING!!!!Phoenix backstage.

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